Photo courtesy of Byron Sanderson

Libby Kids Fishing Pond

    In Kootenai Country, Montana we are known for pulling together to get things done, and that includes our youth. The recent addition of the Libby Fish Pond is an example of the generosity and community spirit that joins up for our local kids. Out at the Port Authority just east of town, many local groups and individuals pitched together to construct and stock the pond, and hold and advertise events for kids’ fishing days. 
    The 1.87 acre pond is located southwest of the motocross park and west of Libby Creek diversion channel which feeds the 15-foot deep pond. Overflow flows back into Libby Creek, and allows for the water to constantly cycle and refresh. The pond is situated in a wooded area to enhance fishing and wildlife watching.    
    Seasonal use for fishing in the spring, summer and autumn is encouraged. Used by youth without adult supervision during the winter months is discouraged. Anytime ice conditions are sketchy, we sure do not want one of our young folks going through the ice. In this way, we hope to teach the kids about safety in the outdoors. Troy also has an excellent fishing pond for kids. 
   The stocking efforts by our local Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) will include trout species with the possible addition of Inland Redband Trout, a local sub-species. Besides teaching kids about sportsmanship and the value of our natural resources in our beautiful area, the activities here unite local youth with older mentors, and the enthusiasm usually rubs off on each other. There is just nothing like the smile on a kids face when they catch a nice fish. It makes us all feel young!