Eureka Creative Arts Council & Center

    Maybe it is the remoteness of Kootenai Country Montana. Possibly it is the colorful characters that this area attracts. Perhaps it is the natural beauty of Northwestern Montana. Most likely, it is a combination of all these reasons that explains the abundance of talented artists, musicians and craftspeople located in our region. We certainly have gorgeous scenery and plentiful wildlife to inspire folks, and long winters can stir the passionate juices of creativity.    
    In Eureka, the Creative Arts Center describes its Mission Statement as such: "To provide opportunities for attaining knowledge and skills that promote well balanced human development, advancing a sense of community and outlets for expression through the involvement in the arts and a variety of programs." The extremely active council and center strive to provide classes and workshops in drawing, painting, sculpting, dance, yoga, gymnastics, writing and more! Also to provide available studios to rent for classes, workshops, and community events and to overall cultivate and encourage creativity.    
    The center is owned and operated by the arts council and is a volunteer run non profit group. The variety of activities is fairly impressive for a smaller community in our vicinity. Here is a brief sample of some of the more popular programs. The Core Strengthening class is led by Montana Marsh and utilizes a balance board. Karin’s Clay Class teaches clay hand building and sculptures. Excellent dance classes are available with a variety of competent instructors. The council and center also set up middle and high school art programs and the "Recycled Fashion Show" or "Trash to Flash" event is always good for a few laughs too!    
    One new program, "The Stevie Anne Sorensen Memorial Dance Scholarship Fund," was recently set up after our tragic loss on March 17 of Stevie, who was an extremely talented dancer. The funding group states this in dedication, "Taken from us physically, but she’ll dance in our hearts forever."    
    Additional activities sponsored by the groups include the Artisian Holly Faire, Art in the Park with hands on activities for kids, and a pumpkin carving afternoon for Halloween. Also check out Hoola Hooping, Karate, Zumba and mat pilates.    
    The Creative Arts Council Board of Directors meet the second Tuesday of each month. Contact the center at (406) 297-3270 or email If you are approaching Eureka from the south on Highway 93, continue on 93 to the intersection of Third Street (you will see InterBel Telephone Co-Operative on your right) and make that left.  Go one block west to intersection of 1st Avenue West and 3rd St., and the CAC office is on the northeast corner. The address is 300 1st Ave. West, Eureka, MT. 59917. The Facility Director is Lois Sciligo.    
    For other opportunities available to artists, contact Montana Arts Council at (406) 444-6430. One helpful program is the Montana Artrpreneur, a workforce development program designed to help artists map a sustainable future by preparing the tools they need for a wider marketplace.    
    So whatever your passions for creativity may be, visit the Eureka Creative Arts Center and talk with the Council to share your inspirations and perhaps get some assistance in achieving your goals. You might find many other kindred spirits and artists with similar passions. You will certainly find beautiful scenery and many talented and colorful characters of Kootenai Country Montana!