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Share with us the unique experience that Kootenai Country Montana offers. Whether you are residing, vacationing, or just passing through, we are confident that you will begin to feel the special qualities of our area as soon as you are exposed to all of the extraordinary values we cherish here in the northwest corner of “Big Sky Country.”


    It’s about the waters, some of the most scenic and purest alpine mountain lakes that lay like emerald jewels in our Cabinet Mountains, Northwest Peak Scenic Area, and the Whitefish Range. The turquoise waters of the Kootenai River flow from headwaters in Canada blessing us with beauty before meandering into the Columbia Basin to drain into the Pacific Ocean. The stunning colors our waters display are the result of glacial till, a flour like substance from the grinding of glaciers on rock that mix in the watercourses to give it that greenish blue hue. The Yaak River, like an arrow in the bow of the Kootenai flows southwest from northern drainages into our mighty Kootenai named after the original native peoples. Southwest of Libby and Troy, the David Thompson Chain of Lakes provide numerous recreational opportunities. Our rich history recounts and respects one of our earliest explorers David Thompson, whom the native tribes called "He Who Looks at the Stars." The Clark Fork and the Bull River, named after Lewis and Clark and the bull elk respectively round out some of the major waterways to our southwest. Thousands of miles of small rivers and creeks grace our lands and depending on which water-body you care to explore that day, you can find ample trout, bass, kokanee or walleyes.
    Categorized under the umbrella of the "Rocky Mountains," local ranges include the Cabinets, located in our own Wilderness Area with Snowshoe Peak ruggedly elevating to 8,738 feet. The Purcell’s rise to our northwest, and the Whitefish Range adjacent to the Ten Lakes Scenic Area touch the sky. The Salish Mountains lie to our east, and we border the Bitterroots to our southwest. Our air is now considered some of the healthiest in the United States. The mountains, sub-drainages and valleys are prime habitat for grizzly and black bears, wolverine, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain elk, mule and whitetail deer, fox, coyote, wolf, and cats including bobcat, lynx, and mountain lion. Patrolling the skies are eagles, hawks, owls, waterfowl and songbirds. One of the most precious benefits of Kootenai Country are our people. There are not that many of us, and we kind of like it that way. The rugged folks of this region are built of strong character like the miners, trappers, and loggers of early settlement days. Tempered by outdoor life and the elements of all seasons, we are fiercely independent. But don’t let that fool you. You will find some of the warmest hearts, kindest, and most helpful souls on the planet around here. We can promise you that! As we reach out to you we will be expanding our coverage of Kootenai Country, Montana to inform you of the vastness of our recreational opportunities and the warm hospitality of our folks. Book your trip now into our area that is accessible via nearby Glacier International Airport, Amtrak Lines, or Highway 2 and 37. We welcome you to stay at the Venture Inn and "Come Home" to "Libby’s Finest!"

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